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As we face unprecedented times with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are working closely with our partners to provide our members with a richer digital experience including real-time updates on offer details across the CODE app, daily news, insights and resource for businesses, individuals and job seekers, as well as  free access to webinars, live-streamed events and online panel discussions.

In an effort to help bring our community together in these challenging times, we are committed to providing our support to all those in the industry who want it regardless of their personal circumstances at this time. New CODE members can enter the promo codes below to pay nothing for the first 30 days. After this time your subscription (monthly or annual) would start. You can cancel any time.

Simply select your preferred plan and enter the promo code NYR307 for annual membership or NMTH307 for monthly membership (valid until 31 July 2020) to unlock your full range of member benefits.

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