Natoora Farming
Salary: Dependent on experience
Location: Guildford
Type: Full Time
Posted: 1 month ago

Farm Manager, Natoora Farming

Salary: Dependent on experience
Location: Guildford
Type: Full Time
Posted: 1 month ago


We are a fast-growing company with a clear mission: to revolutionise the food system.

With hubs in London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, New York and Los Angeles, we’re creating access to consciously-produced and grown food at a scale unparalleled by anyone else in the industry. Since 2004, we have been building a unique supply chain that connects chefs and home cooks alike to an ever-growing community of independent growers, farmers and producers.

In 2020, we launched Earthworks : a farming model designed to urgently restore the health of our soils at a scale and pace that will have a palpable impact on our planet. Our experiences with some of the world’s most innovative and dedicated growers put us in a unique position – one that could fundamentally shape the supply chain at both ends. By actively farming, we aim to put over a decade of knowledge into practice to challenge the aggressive industrial practices which are degrading our soils at an alarming rate.

From the way food is grown, reared and produced to how it gets into kitchens, we’re breaking down barriers built up by the industrial system and sparking a grassroots movement for a better future of food. This is your chance to be a part of it.


Located just outside Guildford and within direct reach of our south London hub, our new 10 acre farm will be a horticulture project that supplies our community of chefs and home cooks with fresh produce grown with flavour and nutrition in mind.

At its core, this farm is our active learning model – one that demonstrates that growing good food sustainably is both a financially viable and scalable alternative to intensive farming. Each decision will be informed by nature, combining zero use of synthetic intervention with the principles of agro ecological agriculture. Through integration of diverse cover crops, minimum tillage, living roots and perennials, we aim to reinforce the health of the soil and ecosystem, boosting biodiversity and climate resilience through progressive farming.

The growing plan will be centred on creating access to a nutritionally dense, flavoursome spectrum of produce produced at a scale that is both economically and humanly viable. With over fifteen years of sourcing for chefs, we will be cultivating sought after crops – leafy greens, herbs, squashes – as well as experimenting with new seeds and making our own selections.

Combining our industry knowledge, learnings from Melilot and the experience of the new Farm Manager, our aim is to create a Natoora farming model that will live out our mission in a way that is replicable, profitable and genuine – one that can succeed long term and become an educational centre for the wider community.


This role is a chance to join the Natoora team full time, rooted in our dedicated farm site. The Farm Manager will shape the project from the get go, from planning and building infrastructure to sourcing seeds and monitoring soil health. You’ll be responsible for managing both the human and environmental wellbeing of the farm, pushing the boundaries in terms of growing methods, varietal selection and harvest quality – and recruiting a core team of committed growers to help maintain that standard.

Day to day, you would be responsible for all aspects of production: from seed sowing and bed prepping right up to harvesting and packing. On a higher level, the role is central to the progression of the farm, backed by the constant support and input of our teams, and reporting into our Head of Sourcing.

To thrive in this position, you’ll be driven, flexible and a good communicator – as comfortable making independent decisions as working in close collaboration with a crossfunctional team. You’ll need to view the project through a lens that combines economic, environmental and human sustainability – equipped with the skills needed to make informed business decisions as well as agricultural ones. Above all, you will share our commitment to flavour, nutrition and both human and planetary health, and have proven experience of growing to a high level without any chemical or synthetic intervention.


At least two years experience in zero intervention commercial horticultural production
A demonstrated commitment to agroecological management of the ecosystem and soil
Experience with ground preparation, propagation, holistic pest and disease management, harvest and post-harvest care
Ability to drive safely and with competence agricultural vehicles
Aptitude for leading, coaching, and driving excellence within a diverse team – particularly with volunteers and trainees
Ability to organise and manage multiple projects concurrently
Confidence in the use of applications including Microsoft Office, Excel, Google docs, etc.


Designing the infrastructure and layout of a new, progressive farm
Planning and execution of seasonal crop calendar with the Sourcing and Product team
Growing, harvesting and quality control in line with our high standards
Working closely with the wider Natoora teams – Education, Sales, Brand, Finance, Operations – to ensure cohesive action and results
Maintaining records of crop activities and observations, from germination rate to yields to organic matter levels
Daily tasks: growing and harvesting, farm administration, managing orders, purchasing and labour
Caring for the overall well being of farm team members and their progression
Note: this is a full time, year-round role


Nr Guildford, Surrey
Note, no accommodation can be provided on site.

A competitive salary
Cost price Natoora produce
Birthday off

Email [email protected] with your CV and the reasons why you’re the right grower for the job.

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