Mon, 19th Aug 2019
Restaurant Supervisor, St. JOHN Bread & Wine

About Us:

St. JOHN has six operations: two restaurants, a commercial bakery, a retail bakery, a winery and a wine import company. Each of the enterprises is unique, but they all adhere to the distinct style and philosophy which gathers all branches of the business under the St. JOHN umbrella and makes them so instantly recognisable.

Each is at the beating heart of the vibrant community in which it was established.

When St. JOHN Bread and Wine opened over 15 years ago it was originally intended as a takeaway counter and bakery for the bread for which St. JOHN had become lauded, as well as takeaway wines, offering small plates for those who stopped by as they collected their supplies.

But its position as a restaurant in its own right soon overtook the original intention and soon Bread and Wine became the busy and much-loved restaurant that it is today, still espousing chef and owner Fergus Henderson's nose-to-tail philosophy and widely credited as the pioneer in the first wave of small-plate, seasonally focused restaurants now ubiquitous in East London.

St. JOHN Bread and Wine is open from breakfast through to dinner, seven days a week.


Job Description:


St. JOHN Bread and Wine's restaurant manager, Emily Butler, is looking for an experienced full time member of staff to join her fantastic team. Working a 48-hour week, the candidate will be welcomed in to the extremely busy and very rewarding world of the St. JOHN family!

Fergus calls the front-of-house team 'sentinels of joy' and one of the most rewarding aspects of working for St. JOHN is the passion and enjoyment of our guests.

Staff don their white jackets with pride knowing that they are an iconic and vital part of that enjoyment - to the many beloved regulars, to the visitors who come from overseas to make a St. JOHN pilgrimage, and to the happy locals.


The candidate will be responsible for:

- Running shifts at St. JOHN Bread and Wine
- Managing a small yet determined team
- Sharing the St. JOHN ethos with our guests
- Ordering of beverage and consumables in order to facilitate the smooth running of the restaurant
- Communicating effectively with the kitchen throughout the shift, and dealing with any issues as they arise
- Keeping on top of cleanliness and maintenance
- Increasing food and wine knowledge, both personal and within the team
- Cash handling, stock control and financial business management


The ideal candidate should be:

- Aware of the ethos of St. JOHN, with an affinity to the company's philosophy
- Charming, welcoming and considerate to guests
- Personable with a love for communicating with customers, sharing stories and information whilst always upholding the St. JOHN ethos
- Fun, enthusiastic, confident and friendly
- A strong team player
- Confident in managing a team and leading by example
- Passionate about attention to detail
- Determined and creative in problem solving
- Flexible and able to think on their feet while tackling unforeseen circumstances
- Engaged with the hospitality scene
- Passionate about ingredients and their provenance, with a curiosity about the food that they eat
- Open to new ideas and new ways of doing things
- Bold and creative with ideas


St. JOHN would prefer:

- A minimum of 3 years' experience in a fast-paced restaurant, working in a team and striving for excellent customer service
- Ideally experience in both larger and smaller scale restaurants
- An interest in the London, UK and world food scene
- Proven confidence in managing a team
- Experience with stock management, ordering and invoicing


St. JOHN offers an amazing, inclusive and social working environment with a strong emphasis on the 'culture of kindness'. We offer two staff meals a day (winner of 'Best Staff Meals' in an industry-sourced survey by The Code), as well as a glass of wine or beer when your shift finishes!

The discount is good across the restaurants, with 50% off food Monday to Wednesday for tables of up to 4, and 25% off food Thursday to Sunday. Wine is charged at takeaway price when you drink in (so you can drink a £90 bottle of wine for around £25!), and at cost price to take away.

There are regular, in-depth wine tasting/training sessions to further your knowledge as well as off-site supplier visits to cider makers, breweries, distilleries, cheese-makers and more!

Expiry Date

Spitalfields, East London

Type of contract
Permanent, Full-Time



Emily Butler
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