Tue, 26th Sep 2017
THE NEW YORK TIMES |“He was always going to be a restauranteur”

Drew Nieporent has opened more than 40 restaurants in 32 years including Middle Eastern (Layla), Japanese (Nobu) and Italian (Zeppole)...

Chef Phil Howard’s kitchen: ‘Everything is exposed. Nothing can be hidden’

With everything on display, ingredients and utensils take centre stage in Michelin-star chef Phil Howard’s kitchen

The Guardian | The secrets of a maitre d’: what it’s really like feeding the 1%

The gatekeeper at a top London restaurant reveals which guests are likely to be blacklisted, how to get a table without booking – and why you will never be seated next to Adele

The Guardian | Unicorn lollies and six million avocados: our insatiable appetite for Instafood

As a new exhibition charts our obsession with photographing food, we look at the hottest dishes, the dark side of Instagrammed cupcakes and how social media is changing the way we eat

Eater | There Has Never Been a Better Time to Eat in London

British cuisine, British ‘bistronomy’ and what happens next

Lucky Peach | Press the Button

Tablets, Table Service, and the Automated Future of Your Suburban Date Nights.

The Guardian | Thinking inside the box: how cask wine became cool again

Cask wine, box wine, goon bag – whatever you call it, wine in a box has a bad reputation. But wine enthusiasts are changing all that

The New York Times | How much for this jeroboam? For this famous chef? Food festivals lure the wealthy

Wealth Matters: Allen Saklin investigates the lure of the most exclusive food experiences for the super


The New Yorker | What Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods really means

Amazon has been using technology to vertically integrate nearly the entire process of consumption. Joshua Rothman takes a look behind the scenes.

Foodism | Taste in music: meet the people curating London's best restaurant playlists

The right set of tunes can elevate a restaurant experience. Foodism meets those responsible for setting the perfect vibe

The New York Times | How cold brew changed the coffee business

There’s no way to rush cold brew. If you’re running a coffee shop, you need to anticipate demand. Every year, that demand is increasing: The United States is becoming a cold-brew nation.

London Evening Standard | Grace Dent on the highs and lows of having the best job in London

From Wimpy to The Wolseley: She grew up on Findus Crispy Pancakes and mince, but that didn’t stop Grace Dent becoming one of London’s most influential foodies.


The Guardian | No tip for you: restaurants move toward hospitality-included menus

As the industry tries to make pay more fair, efforts to end the tipping habit have been complicated by the impending raises in minimum wage in many states

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