Gift memberships

Know someone who works in hospitality?

Give the gift of CODE – a perks platform exclusively for the industry.

CODE membership includes

365 offers – one for every day of the year
Up to 50% off the bill – saving £100s
Discover some of the UK’s best hospitality
Location guides and industry news each week
Bonus member perks

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a CODE gift membership you accept the following terms and conditions: Gift memberships may only be redeemed by those working in hospitality. The recipient must upload valid proof of employment (from a restaurant, bar, café, hotel, private members’ club, catering contractor, street food vendor or F&B leisure outlets) when registering in order to redeem their gift. No refunds will be issued if the gift recipient is not working in hospitality. By purchasing a gift membership you agree to us collecting and processing your data in order for us to deliver your gift membership in accordance with our privacy policy.

Any queries please get in touch with [email protected]

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