Tue, 25th Jun 2019
Journee: A Netflix for Wine Education



CODE has long-championed ‘community’ in the hospitality industry and we have always been keen to promote others who share this spirit of connectivity.


Journee is a members-only club exclusively for hospitality professionals which provides an online educational service, accessible any time, any place. This ground-breaking platform will host classes with industry leaders to share knowledge and empower the next generation of professionals.


In addition, Journee is a collaboration space in the heart of Flatiron, New York City, offering a professional setting for a meeting, a place to study for a sommelier’s exam, or simply somewhere to connect with new friends and colleagues.


The first stage in its campaign is to make top-tier wine classes affordable and accessible online. Led by Anthony Rudolf, former Director of Operations for TKRG, and curated by Master Sommelier Richard Betts and Carla Rzeszewski, the program will bring together dozens of the world's leading sommeliers to share their knowledge for as little as $8/month. You can see the first wine class online here or see below for the list of educators for 2015.


With over half of their $50,000 goal already pledged, Journee are looking for that final push to their Kickstarter project. To keep momentum going, they are unlocking rewards as they hit each benchmark. You can read more about their mission and pledge here.





With the likes of the illustrious Thomas Keller, Will Guidara and Christina Tosi as acting directors and advisors, Journee is an exciting project that is very likely to revolutionize the way the industry learns and develops.


Please offer any support you can: this is your chance to shape the future of the industry.


Journee Kickstarter page: kck.st/1QpChC9





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