Tue, 25th Jun 2019
Street Aid: Crowdfunding



Street food traders from London and beyond are raising funds to return to Calais for 4 days in January (14-18), supplying hot meals and taking much needed supplies such as sleeping bags, tents, coats, building supplies and basic cooking equipment to displaced people in the camp during the harshness of winter.


This January they return following their September trip with a team of street food traders which currently includes The Roadery, Rupert’s Street, Streatza, The Bowler, What The Dickens!, Fleisch Mob, House of Dodo, and BBQ Dreamz. They have given themselves 30 days to raise £10,000 which will allow them to buy food and supplies, but they need as much support as they can get to make it happen. They will also be taking out provisions such as plastic sheeting and other building materials to help protect the refugees from the weather.


You can follow their Crowdfunding campaign here. They welcome any donation you can afford.


The trip is being coordinated by the following contacts who can answer any questions you may have. Volunteers welcome.


Emily (Rupert’s Street) – info@rupertsstreet.com


Dan (The Roadery) – dan@roaderyfood.com

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