Authentique Épicerie & Bar

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WHAT TO ORDER: Some wine from Domaine Richeaume
WHEN TO GO: A quiet night off
THE VIBE: Modern bistro with savoir faire
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Authentique Épicerie & Bar quietly exists in Tufnell Park as a charming neighbourhood restaurant. Home to many things, it is half wine and cheese shop, half restaurant. On the right-hand side are wine bottles stacked like books, and on the left, a couple of seats and a bar. There are no twists and turns on the classic French menu. Instead the honest, unassuming cooking speaks for itself.

Order the escargot for a punchy start (or any garlicky equivalent) then try the rabbit or bouillabaisse to feel truly rustic. The staff will help you with the wine, and not to be missed are Authentique’s house wines from Domaine Richeaume in Provence. The list is pretty substantial, but you won’t regret a long linger that takes you to the calvados. Always end with cheese, and don’t be afraid to venture to the cheese counter and ask for the grand tour.

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