Mon, 15th Oct 2018
Wine of the week
Pure Rosé 2017



Rosé yeah, whatever yeah? Well, seems the rosé category has been on good form over recent years, and Mirabeau are a good place to start for classy, dry rosé. A stunning weekend of weather in London (with a Provençal kinda swagger) had me dashing into the garden with samples from Mirabeau, set up by British couple Stephen and Jeany Cronk.

Ideally the sunshine will be bathing the garden – rosé drinking with an overcast sky just doesn't cut it – and this pale, delicately scented glass of redcurrants, strawberries, raspberries and whatever other summer berries you may find in there, will slake the thirst admirably. 60% Grenache, 40% Syrah, grown on clay and limestone at 300-400m altitude, some of the highest in the area, with sustainably certified vinification. 

Get on it, ice bucket out, smoked salmon blinis flying – the Instagram post must include #bliss for maximum #jelz.


Zeren Wilson



Available: (£13.99)

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