Mon, 15th Oct 2018
CODE app


“The CODE app encourages people to get out and dine in our exciting, ever-changing restaurant scene. We love to have visitors from the trade and it’s a good way to stay connected.”  


- José Pizarro, Founder, José Pizarro



Available exclusively to those working in hospitality* the CODE app offers up to 50% off at the best independent establishments across the UK, from Michelin-starred institutions to your favourite neighbourhood haunt. Locations include London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow & Edinburgh.


CODE app members also receive the CODE Bulletin – the leading e-newsletter on industry news, people and intel - as well as invitations to regular events throughout the year.


All members benefit from a 7-day free trial to try out the app. Thereafter, the annual CODE app membership is just £11.99. To report any issues or share feedback, please get in touch at


For information about listing an industry offer on the CODE app, please contact Tom Pilgrim:


*Employment in hospitality includes restaurant, bar, café, hotel, private members’ club, catering contractor, street food vendor and F&B leisure outlets.



Download the CODE app from iTunes

Download the CODE app from Google Play






1. When will I be charged the £11.99 subscription fee?


A: The £11.99 subscription fee will only be debited from your account at the end of the 7 day free trial. You can cancel the subscription up to 24 hours before the trial ends but if you cancel after this time, you will not be refunded your subscription fee.


2. How long will the subscription last?


A: The subscription will begin immediately after the 7 day free trial ends and will last for 12 months, after which the subscription will auto renew.


3. Will I be charged twice if I use the app on multiple devices?


A: You can use the same CODE app account on multiple devices only if they are linked to the same app store account (ie iTunes or Google Play). If you have an iPhone and an iPad linked to the same iTunes account then you only need one subscription. However if you want to use the app on an Android phone and iPad then you will have to take out two subscriptions or just use on one device.


4. Will I be charged twice if I change my handset?


A: If you change your handset from iPhone to Android or vice versa you will be charged twice for your subscription as the two app stores are separate platforms. If you change handset but stay with the same provider (e.g. Apple or Android) and use the same app store account then your subscription will transfer through and you will not be charged twice.


5. How do I cancel my subscription and turn off auto-renewal?


A: To cancel your subscription or to turn off the auto-renewal feature of the subscription, please follow the instructions: 

iTunes // Google Play

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