All of Italy, in one village

Published 17 November 2020

You may not have heard of Vallebona before but, with customers including Bocca di Lupo, River Cafe, Trinity and Le Gavroche, chances are you’ve eaten their produce at least once. So, it’s good news for Wimbledon Village locals that the team is opening its first high-street shop and dining space – [email protected]

Shopping for lovely ingredients is one of the few pleasures we have right now and minds are turning to Christmas, however small the gathering might be. Italian food has plenty of the indulgences we love too, so launching just in time to stock up for December is a smart move. There will be hundreds of Italian goods on offer, such as 50 types of cheeses from all over Italy, a charcuterie room, pastas, Italian spirits and, of course, panettone. “Family-run provision shops are central to village life across Europe and beyond,” says owner Stefano Vallebona, and now they aim to bring a small piece of this to London.

The team already has a warehouse to host chef collaborations – with chefs including Trinity’s Adam Byatt, Jacob Kenedy and Rachel Humphrey of Le Gavroche involved, but for now minds are focused on the shop, then the future launch of an outdoor terrace for similar events.

[email protected] opens on 21 November, but if you can’t wait until then you can stock up online via the website here.

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