Aman heads for the Alps

Published 12 November 2020

by Harriet Prior

Going on holiday is near to impossible at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming about relaxing on a beach or hitting the slopes somewhere far away…

So the latest news from the uber-stealth-luxe brand Aman is very exciting. The hotel group already has openings in Tokyo and Saudi Arabia underway, now it has announced a partnership with Rosa Alpina to take on a hotel in the Dolomite mountains.

Showing no signs of slowing down mid-pandemic the hotel joins Venice as the group’s second hotel in Italy, and its 14th on a UNESCO listed site – historic settings with chic, sensitively structured rooms and spaces is Aman’s USP. The takeover will take two years; the 52-room hotel, surrounded by 1,200km of ski slopes, will be ready for the winter season in December 2022.

Forget the typical skiing diet of tartiflette and multiple hot chocolates a day… three-starred Michelin restaurant St. Hubertus is also on-site, where Norbert Niederkofler will stay on as executive chef. Oh, and it’s not only about the outdoor pursuits either – there’s also a spa, gym and indoor pool at the hotel.

To the slopes please…

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