Bakery and café Brick House announces closure

Published 2 January 2020

The team behind sourdough bakery and café Brick House has announced they will not be re-opening both their Peckham and East Dulwich sites after Christmas. The East Dulwich location opened in 2015, followed by Peckham in 2017.

Owners Fergus and Sharmin shared that they have been facing problems with their premises behind the scenes which they are unable to overcome. They stated a crippling rent increase is forcing them out of East Dulwich, whilst their landlords in Peckham have decided not to renew their lease upon expiry in February. They had hoped to move to a new location, but expensive negotiations alongside the loss of both their sites has made this difficult.

Commenting on the closure, Fergus and Sharmin write “To say we’re heartbroken is an understatement. Over the past 8 years we have poured everything in to Brick House to make it a success, and for it to come to an end that has felt very much out of our control is extremely upsetting. We would like to thank our customers and staff past and present for their support and commitment.”

It is unclear whether they will look for alternative locations or what the future holds. The duo say they are looking forward to resting and spending time as a family, “but if / when we rise from the ashes, you may well hear from us.”

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