Big Fernand returns to London

Published 14 January 2020

Parisian burger brand Big Fernand has returned to London to open its latest site in South Kensington. Having launched in Paris in 1933, Big Fernand has since become established in both China and the UAE.

The opening marks the brand’s second attempt to break into the London market, following a short-lived project on Percy Street in 2015, with the brand believing the London audience will now be more receptive. The food offering centres around quality, sustainably sourced French beef paired with cheeses, sauces and potatoes.

Menu options include le Big Fernand, a beef batty between brioche buns, tommy de Savoie cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley and big Fernand sauce. As well as the classic burger, both a lamb and a chicken burger with grilled aubergine and fried onion will be on offer, alongside two vegetarian options.

A DIY burger menu will also be available, allowing diners to tailor their burger into one of more than 3,840 different combinations. Side dishes include Fernand frites, frites raclette and crudités with dips.

Big Fernand will serve a light breakfast menu too, featuring French pastries, bread baked on site and cooked options.

For more information, visit Big Fernand’s website here

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