Cafe BAO to launch this Spring

Published 12 March 2020

Fans of hit Taiwanese restaurant will be happy to hear the news that BAO will launch its latest venture in King’s Cross this Spring. Cafe BAO will be an all-day dining venue inspired by Yōshoku cuisine, a take on western style cooking commonly found in Asian cafes.

Founders Shing Tat Chung, Erchen Chang and Wai Ting Chung will launch the newest edition of BAO in Pancras Square in May, near to Coal Drop’s Yard. Taking inspiration from Bolero, Taiwan’s oldest restaurant, BAO Cafe will serve its take on classic dishes alongside some of BAO’s most popular dishes.

BAO Cafe marks the next step for the brand following successful openings in Soho, Fitzrovia and Borough, as well as sibling restaurant XU in Chinatown. Cafe BAO will be the first of the brand’s restaurant’s to be open for breakfast, with dishes including BAO loaf with syrup and bacon, egg and cheese spring onion pancake.

A selection of baked goods will also be available, including the BAO cookie using Pump Street chocolate, which are available both to eat in the restaurant or via the ‘to-go’ counter. Open all week, Cafe BAO will take reservations.

“The inspiration for Cafe BAO stemmed from Yōshoku cuisine, an interpretation of western food, seen through an Asian lens” says founder and food art director Chang. “This style of cooking is something that’s always resonated with us and made us feel quite nostalgic. After a recent trip to Taipei, Hong Kong and Osaka we realised we wanted to bring it to life.”

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