Dominique Ansel to launch bistro and café Treehouse

Published 27 January 2020

On 10 February renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel will launch Treehouse. Located on Floral Street, the site will be an entirely new concept from Chef Dominique, as he moves away from his traditional bakery approach to open a bistro and café.

Chef Dominique opened his first shop in 2011, and now has bakeries in New York, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. However the menu at Treehouse will feature a selection of savoury dishes, whilst continuing to showcase Dominique’s pastry foundations and artisan techniques.

Set within a two-storey space, the modern design is inspired by a treehouse, lined with warm woods and cosy seating areas throughout, creating a warm and casual environment. Guests will find a ‘tree trunk’ at the centre of the ground floor, and diners will eat under a tree ‘canopy’ upstairs.

Diners will first be welcomed with a choice of housemade bread, such as garlicky olive oil focaccia and buttery brioche. The à la carte menu features a selection of small and large plates, including chicken liver mille feuille with mandarin syrup and brown butter, as well as handmade caramelle pasta with a ricotta cashew filling. Dessert will comprise an assortment of dishes to be shared with the table, such as apple tarte tatin and crème caramel.

Commenting on the new concept, Chef Dominique says “Sometimes, the very best part of an apple pie is the crust. When we were conceptualizing the idea for Dominique Ansel Treehouse, I thought about how in a traditional restaurant setting, the pastry department typically works on all the different doughs on the menu, even from a savoury perspective. I’m excited to create a new menu that celebrates these pastry foundations and French techniques, in a casual bistro café with simple fresh ingredients that stay true to the classics.”

Dominique Ansel Treehouse opens on 10 February at 24 Floral Street, Covent Garden. For more information, visit the website here

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