Giannino Dal 1899 to open first London restaurant in Mayfair

Published 10 January 2020

Established in Milan, this February Giannino Dal 1899 will launch its first London site in Mayfair. The renowned Italian restaurant opened its doors 120 years ago, serving dishes inspired by traditional Italian home-cooking. The opening in Mayfair signifies the expansion of the Giannino brand, as it takes it first step outside of Italy.

The menu will feature traditional dishes from the Italian kitchen with a modern twist. Created by executive chef Salvatore Suzzi, dishes include babà di Lasagne al Ragù Na- poletano, which combines the culture of Southern and Eastern Italy, as well as spaghetti aglio with olio e peproncino and mazara del vallo red prawns crudo.

Commenting on the menu, chef Suzzi says “Of course there will be homemade desserts, including orange cannoncini with Namelaka cream and raspberry sauce, a reinterpretation of the traditional Sicilian dessert, to which is added a soft cream typical of the Japanese tradition.”

Giuseppe Varella, general manager of Giannino 1899 Milan, adds “Since we first had the idea, we always wanted to make sure that if we ever expanded internationally our venues would maintain the same level of class and refinement, while still effectively melting into the fine dining London scene.”

Located on 10 Blenheim Street in Mayfair, Giannino Dal 1899 London has been designed by Italian architectural studio Spagnulo & Partners.

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