Harrods to launch all-day restaurant Harrods Brasserie

Published 16 March 2020

In a shrewd move for such a vast store, Harrods has announced plans to repurpose a large area of its lower ground floor to create an all-day brasserie. The family-friendly Harrods Brasserie will be open from breakfast to dinner, as well as for Sunday roasts and seasonal specials.

Whilst the store has other dining destinations, the Harrods Brasserie will serve a crowd-pleasing menu featuring fried chicken, steak and ravioli. Senior head chef of Harrods Restaurants Garrett Keown shared some of his favourite dishes from the menu, including fresh Asian salad aubergine parmigiana and buttermilk chicken.

“The launch of Harrods Brasserie is a wonderful opportunity for us to introduce a new family dining experience to the Harrods customer” says Chris Dee, director of Harrods Food & Home. “It is one of the largest spaces in the store, alongside the renowned tea rooms and Mezzah Lounge, providing a vibrant and friendly environment for the whole family. With the wide range of dishes on offer, from decadent homemade pasta to indulgent desserts including mouthwatering brioche bread-and-butter pudding and scrumptious cherry pie, it is sure to entice all of our customers.”

Commenting on the food offering, executive chef Andy Cook adds “The menu at Harrods Brasserie ensures there is something for everyone, offering fresh food from Harrods’ Food Halls, continuously reflecting the current season’s trends and ingredients. The speciality food we source is incorporated throughout the entire menu including incredible fresh Faroe Island salmon, Scottish flat-iron steak and Turkish-style poached eggs.”

The 125-cover space has been designed by Meyer Davis, incorporating marble cornerstones, leather upholstery and brass signage.

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