Le Bab launches co-operative offering hospitality employment

Published 24 March 2020

Many chefs and restaurateurs are creating initiatives to help the hospitality industry through a testing time, and Monday marked the first day of Le Bab’s new Restaurant Cooperative delivery scheme.

Aimed to help front and back-of-house staff who have lost their jobs and income, chefs of recently closed restaurants will be given full access to the kitchens to prepare low cost ready meals. The dishes can then be couriered by waiters as part of a delivery service, with staff keeping 100% of the profits. Le Bab co-founder Stephen Tozer will personally cover set up and running costs.

Each day two dishes will be prepared for delivery (one vegan and one non-vegan) to be delivered to customers’ doors – with the option of no contact. Each meal will cost £7, with bulk discounts available.

Those who buy will have the option to donate a dish to charity, with an optional £4 tip covering costs to deliver a meal to UCL to help feed staff or to a homeless shelter.

“It’s imperative to keep people in work for two big reasons: financial stability, and mental/emotional health” says Tozer. The industry has just hit a brick wall in the last 2 days. So have hundreds of thousands of hospitality workers’ careers. We’re hoping to provide an outlet and an opportunity for people to earn some money and stay active and positive. We also think that this is a great consumer proposition- to have a meal cooked by top chefs, with top ingredients, delivered to your door, for the price of a high-end supermarket pizza.”

To order meals, please visit the website here or email [email protected]

To check on daily changing visit the new Instagram account @londonrestaurantcooperative or visit their website here

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