Patty&Bun and Shake Shack join forces to create ultimate burger kit

Published 8 October 2020

by Harriet Prior

Exciting collaborations from Patty&Bun are nothing new (remember THAT Padella cacio e Pepe burger), but this one is a bit different… Burger fans rejoice, as it’s teaming up with another giant of the burger world Shake Shack to create the ‘ultimate Patty Shack DIY kit.’

On Sale from 12 October, the kit combines the two brand’s signature styles in an effort to create the perfect burger. Think Patty&Bun’s signature beef blend and pickled cucumbers with Shake Shack’s ‘smashed’ style patties, ketchup and smoked cheddar mayo.

It seems like a collaboration was always on the cards, as Patty&Bun founder Joe Grossman recalls “ten years ago when I started on the Patty&Bun journey, one of my original points of inspiration was Shake Shack… so, ten years on to be collaboration with the team to create something very, very special is super exciting! One word… PUMPED!” Us, too.

The collaboration is running for two weeks only and delivering nationwide. To order, visit the website here

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