Special delivery

Published 10 November 2020

by Lisa Markwell

I was the lucky recipient of the first collaboration between chef John Chantarasak and butchers HG Walter during lockdown 1 (a fiery, fantastic hot dog), so am very excited to hear about a new product on which they’ve collaborated, which launches this week and lasts for just a fortnight.

AngloThai at Home – set up by John and his wife, wine expert Desiree Chantarasak – is selling an Irish Beef Banqueting Box which contains an incredible, huge dry-aged T-bone steak, beef bone marrow with beef fat umami crumb, Thai-inspired dipping sauce, vegetables and dressing and new crop Jasmine rice. Desiree has chosen a bottle from Newcomer Wines, with whom they held a wildly successful pop-up before lockdown, to accompany the feast.  

It’s £100 for two (or more, there’s a lot of food) and can be delivered to within the M25 until 25 November.  

John’s flavours may have foxed the judges on Great British Menu but the legions of fans for his nuanced yet powerful heat will love cooking this, along with HG Walter’s exemplary steak. There’s an instructional video too, to get the best from it all.  

For more details and to order, click here  

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