Sushi on Jones comes to London

Published 24 February 2020

It’s a big hit in New York and now the Japanese restaurant Sushi On Jones is heading to London for its international debut. Opening in early March, the restaurant will be located on the first floor of Goods Way, the new food, bar and music site in King’s Cross. Founded by Derek Feldman, Sushi on Jones will serve an accessible approach to Japanese Omakase, sourcing fish and wagyu directly from Japan.

Sushi On Jones will serve guests a 12-piece Omakase tasting menu selection costing ¬£44 per person. Omakase translates as ‘I’ll leave it to you’, drawing on the Japanese tradition where a chef tailors a meal to guest’s preferences, so the chefs at Sushi on Jones will interact with guests to create a bespoke dining experience. Guests can book 45-minute dining slots and be seated around the counter to talk to the chefs as they prepare the food.

There will also be a la carte options available, including the Bic Mac which layers wagyu ribeye with sea urchin and a nigiri including yellowtail, king salmon, bluefin tuna and sweet shrimp. A selection of dishes will be available to take away, such as the classic jones nigiri and the vegan jones maki with cucumber, avocado and vegetables.

The food menu will be accompanied by an extensive drink selection, featuring sake, Japanese whisky and a cocktail list showcasing Japanese techniques – including the Sake Jones, which mixes sake, pomelo juice and Japanese cucumber.

“I am so excited to be bringing Sushi on Jones to London – our first opening outside of Manhattan” says Feldman. He continues “Food is such a powerful gateway to experience, allowing people to break through cultural barriers, and I am looking forward to sharing our passion for Omakase in one of the world’s most vibrant foodie capitals.”

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