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Published 18 March 2020

As we face unprecedented times with Coronavirus and the challenges it poses our industry we will continue to support the community in any way we can.

To ensure our community can still enjoy all the member benefits and to help our industry peers, we are working closely with our partners to provide CODE members with a richer digital experience.

Below is a list of initiatives and resources we are working on across CODE, which we will continue to update over the coming weeks.


  • Live COVID-19 article on our website updated with relevant information and developments as they happen. Click here to read.
  • List of resources for the hospitality industry, for both businesses and hospitality professionals. Click here to read.
  • The weekly CODE Bulletin will continue to update you with advice, developments and information.

The CODE App

  • Real-time updates on our app partners operating times and availability.
  • New ‘keep calm & take away’ section on the app, detailing restaurants offering takeaway and delivery services.
  • Supporting restaurants by promoting restaurants offering takeaway meals and local delivery on our CODE app to our community of 35,000 hospitality professionals, This is free of charge and we do not expect you do any special hospitality offers. Email [email protected] if you would like to get involved.


  • Access to useful links and resources for businesses and job seekers.
  • Careers insights and tips on how to manage in the quickly-changing circumstances, updated daily.
  • Advice and support on the implications on HR in the short, medium and long run.


  • Running digital events to connect you with our hospitality professionals.
  • Connect, share and up-skill with like-minded individuals whilst working remotely at our member-only webinars, live-streamed events and only panel discussions and workshops.

If you have any questions, have a suggestion or just want to get in touch, email us at [email protected]

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