Crazy Pedro’s

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WHAT TO ORDER: A slice of the OG pepperoni and a mezcal margarita
WHEN TO GO: After your shift
THE VIBE: Late-night industry pizza party
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Purists, look away, authentic Neapolitan pizza this is not. In fact Crazy Pedro’s Part-Time Pizza Parlour takes pride in eschewing the traditions of Italy’s beloved doughy export. Served up by the slice or the whole 16”, their off-the-wall specials have been known to feature beef Monster Munch, wagyu beef and 24k gold leaf, and even a chippy tea with the requisite mushy peas and curry sauce.

Gimmicks aside, this place has industry magnetism. Open till 4am every day of the week, you’ll likely be rubbing shoulders with fellow hospitality people whilst knocking back your third tequila after a hard night on the pans. There’s always a party here and that’s why we love it.

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