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WHAT TO ORDER: Chicken karaage, always
WHEN TO GO: Lunch, pre-theatre, mid-week dinner
THE VIBE: We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time
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Kanada-Ya describe themselves as London’s most authentic and most-loved ramen. And the CODE team are inclined to agree. The love affair began when the CODE office was across the street from the Piccadilly branch (one of three in London and six worldwide) and no matter how many lunches went by, satisfaction never slipped. The key to their delicious success is Mr Kazuhiro Kanada who opened his first site in the city of Yukuhashi in 2008 but didn’t stop developing his Tonkotsu until he found his perfect, one-of-a-kind recipe. You can read more about his story here.

What to order

Every meal should begin with the chicken karaage. The wedge of fresh lime and yuzu mayonnaise are ideal counterparts to the piping hot, crispy, juicy thigh. For the main event – the ramen – there are no wrong moves. The pork bone broth of the Tonkotsu is lip sticking and deep in flavour. Or if you like heat there’s Gekikara with pork and chicken bone broth and spicy ‘tan-tan’ minced pork. The hand-pulled wheat noodles can be ordered hard (recommended), regular or soft and we always put an egg on it – a chashu-cured Hanjuku egg to be precise.

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