Kitty Fisher’s

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WHAT TO ORDER: Whipped cod’s roe on toast and Galician beef
WHEN TO GO: When it’s cold and dark outside
THE VIBE: Charming, intimate, understated… a class-act
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Since its inception, Kitty Fisher’s has been one of those restaurants that attracts superlatives and celebrities like moths to a flame, though happily the popularity is enduring. This is where industry stars like Tomos Parry and Kiloran Buckler stepped into the limelight before moving on to open equally-hyped Brat. Now the Kitty Fisher’s kitchen is run by Karl Goward who has come via St John Bread and Wine, Shepherd’s and Bistro Union. The wood grill is still a big feature and the sourcing of produce is as impeccable as ever.

Tim Steel, Tom Mullion and Oliver Milburn are the hospitality trio behind Kitty Fisher’s and in 2018 they followed up their debut restaurant with Cora Pearl – an equally alluring proposition in the heart of Covent Garden.

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