Park Row

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WHAT TO ORDER: Dishes named after your favourite comic book characters
WHEN TO GO: After a Batman binge
THE VIBE: Gotham chic
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The product of a collaboration between restauranteur James Bulmer and Warner Brothers, Park Row is an immersive world of five DC Comics-inspired restaurants and bars. Step off Regent Street and into Old Gotham City or Pennyworth’s or go the whole nine yards with the Monarch Theatre tasting menu and screening experience.

Expect the unexpected, from levitating cocktails and drinks served from picture frames to edible balloons. Why? Well, why not? The menu has a selection of international brasserie style dishes as well as some stand out sharing plates like their ‘Gotham City Harbour Platter’ and their truffle glazed whole chicken.

Whilst this is as close as you’ll get to the underworld, fancy dress is strictly forbidden. Think more Bruce Wayne, than Batman.

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