The Dumbwaiter’s Best Bites of the Week: 8 November 2019

Published 8 November 2019

From Berkeley Square to Baker Street. Here are the Dumbwaiter’s best bites of the week. 


The Dumbwaiter has noticed a theme of late in many new restaurant and it’s all to do with foliage. London restaurant have gone all green fingered and Amazonico is leading the charge. The restaurant from Madrid has opened next to Sexy Fish in Mayfair and the food lives up to the decor. Frogs legs, carabineros and succulent lamb chops. Keep an eye out for Monty Don too.

Snack Bar

Lazy Susan popped over to Dalston to visit the delightful Snackbar enterprise, opened by Freddie Jansen. The space is dreamy – if Susan could work from their lovely desks, she would – and the downstairs dining room is cosy and welcoming. It was a bonus that Freddie made a brilliant Day of the Dead menu – featuring lashing of Tabasco hot sauce and glamorous, glitter sprinkled pork tacos.


To Carousel, one of our favourite spots, for a special dinner to celebrate ten years of Gerber Communications. A room full of food professionals could be hard to please, but Santiago Lastra’s preview of his Kol restaurant went down like free ice cream – like this salt-baked beetroot with pink mole, smoked eel and seaweed.


In need of some carbs, The Dumbwaiter headed to neighbourhood Italian restaurant Legare. Whilst its only been open a month, there were no signs they were still trying to find their feet when it came to the food. With a relatively small menu offering, the Dumbwaiter started with native oyster and fett’unta with aubergine, followed by mushroom gnocchi and clam linguine for the pasta course. The gnocchi quite literally melted in your mouth and its freshness was palpable, and although the Dumbwaiter was getting relatively full towards the end of the meal, this dish was too good to leave.

Wild by tart

To Eccleston Yards behind Victoria – a familiar spot for The Dumbwaiter as there’s a Barry’s there. However, Wild by Tart is all about food and the restaurant has finally opened following a delay. The menu consists of sharing plates ranging from burrata to beef carpaccio to spicy nduja pizzetti.

Sam’s Riverside

The Hammersmith bridge might closed but that didn’t Sam’s Riverside being a hive of activity last Friday lunchtime. The new restaurant from restaurateur Sam Harrison sees Harvey Trollope head up the kitchen with some culinary direction from Rowley Leigh. The Dumbwaiter enjoyed some oysters and fresh crab to start the meal.

Kerridge’s Bar & Grill 

With Tom Kerridge’s Manchester opening drawing ever closer, the Dumbwaiter treated themselves to an indulgent mid-week lunch at Kerridge’s Bar & Grill this week. Although Halloween has been and gone, first up on the menu was Pumpkin soup, topped with parmesan tortellini, maple and coffee dressing. For mains, the Dumbwaiter had the mushroom ‘risotto’ with chicory, pickled onions and aged parmesan, with a crispy egg. The selection of non-alcoholic cocktails on offer is also ideal for a lunch time tipple, such as the ‘garden passion’ made with seedlip garden, passion fruit juice and raspberry syrup.

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