Why listing wines by the glass is the way forward for the On Trade

Published 28 October 2019

Bibendum is one of the UK’s most successful drinks businesses. As a premium wine and spirits partner, we are a countrywide specialist for the On Trade, supplying wine to 13% of the market.


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From July to September, Bibendum will be promoting by-the-glass listings of their new world premium wines as part of their ‘Best in Glass: Southern Stars,’ campaign. Tori Vickerman explains why we should all be listing premium wines by the glass.

Because it makes aspirational wines more accessible

Premium wines are usually priced too highly for the vast majority of consumers, listing wines by the glass makes them a lot more accessible. Consumers often won’t commit to a bottle in case they don’t like it. By the glass allows consumers to experiment before committing to a bottle and encourages them to try something different and trade up from entry-level wines.

Because it’s better for your bottom line

A lot of premium new world wines sit at the top of a wine list and stock doesn’t move. What’s the point of them being there if people aren’t drinking them? Listing wines by the glass is the perfect way to improve your rate of sale and move stock. Wines by the glass can get a bad rap for being poor quality house wines that are often sat open for too long. A more premium by the glass list will engage customers and preservation systems like Coravin and enomatics ensure the perfect serve and some theatre too.

Because consumers are drinking ‘less but better’

At a time when consumers are drinking less, offering premium wines is a great way to capitalise on the trend to ‘drink less but better,’ with 28% of consumers now purchasing higher quality products than they used to. More and more consumers are looking for an experience when they dine and 30% of consumers are choosing smaller serves so they can try more things. By giving consumers more options by the glass, you appeal to these consumers looking to experiment. Bring these wines alive by recommending them with certain dishes (which can be noted on both the drinks and food menu) and consumers will be more likely to take a chance on something new.

To find out more about Bibendum’s Best in Glass campaign visit www.bibendum-wine.co.uk/best-in-glass

This article was first published in Issue 20 of the CODE Quarterly.

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