CODE Travel Guide: Copenhagen

Published 10 March 2018

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1pm | Lunch at Geist

Chef Bo Bech is a trailblazer of Danish cuisine, renowned for unusual flavour combinations and an incredibly unique style of minimalistic plating. I recommend going as a group of four and ordering lots of dishes to share. The tartare of lobster with yuzu and hibiscus is an absolute classic.


6pm | Pre-dinner drink

Aperitif at Ven Stranden which is a gorgeous little wine bar with the friendliest staff. There’s no menu here so just tell them what you like and allow them to lead you by the hand. A favourite for fans of little/ no intervention winemaking, expect to try some extraordinarily funky wines – if that’s your bag.

8pm | Dinner at Relæ

This was my favourite meal in Copenhagen. Beautiful food prepared with organic ingredients from the restaurant’s own farm. The bread which is baked in their nearby bakery (Mirabelle) is amongst the best I’ve ever tried. Ask for a table near the open kitchen so that you can watch the chefs at work.


8pm | Hotel Danmark

Book a room at Hotel Danmark on Vester Voldgade which is close to Tivoli gardens and Denmark’s National Museum. The rooms are reasonably priced and every day between 5-6pm they offer a free glass of wine to their guests. Free wine! Their organic breakfast is also rather good.


9am Breakfast at 108 the Corner café

This was very special. They collaborate with Tim Wendelboe, world champion barista for coffee roasting and their filter coffee is amazing. Try one of their unusual Danish pastries like the blackcurrant pastry or the one that’s been glazed with a mushroom caramel.


12pm | Lunch at Noma

An unforgettable experience and one which feels like an obligation when visiting Copenhagen. The menu was entirely seafood focused and there were some dishes that might be challenging for the faint hearted or those who aren’t so accustomed to eating seafood in it’s purest form. From 26 June to 15 September they will be running an entirely vegetable focused menu.


4pm | Post-lunch sharpener

Drinks at Den Vandrette wine bar by the river. The bar is owned by Sune Rosforth. Copenhagen’s leading Biodynamic wine importer and has a very impressive cellar. The food is also excellent. Grab a table outside if the weather is nice.


9pm | Late dinner at Manfreds

More vegetable focused cooking from the team behind Relæ (across the road) but in a far more casual setting that has a real neighbourhood feel. They also do a beef tartare which is world famous and the restaurant is certified 90-100% organic.


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