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Published 12 May 2020

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown has presented unforeseen issues to our industry.

Harri have created some useful resources in response to the pandemic and the pressures it has put on our industry. The new initiatives aim to educate across a number of topics including mental health and coronavirus recovery. Please see below further details of these initiatives.

Mental health & wellbeing mind tools

Hospitality Unite

A simple solution to an immediate problem. Harri are on a mission to help the millions of displaced workers in service industries find employment in retail, grocery, delivery, care, and many other sectors experiencing a surge in hiring. Learn more about the initiative here.

Response Centre Recovery Guide

A COVID-19 recovery guide for ops, HR, and recruitment. The Harri plan for a crisis none of us could have planned for. Their practical guide reveals practical employee-related actions to consider at each stage of recovery. Check out the guide here.

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