Learn in lockdown: Andrew Clarke’s isolation kitchen

Published 19 April 2020

As part of CODE’s ‘Learn in lockdown’ series, where we bring insightful, educational and entertaining digital content to our community, we have collaborated with London-based chef, Andrew Clarke, to give you a taste of his life during lockdown.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing fun, informative videos created by Andrew in his own isolation inspiration station. Throughout the series, he will share his own experiences of growing, cooking and eating foods that some say support the function of the immune system.

An advocate for aiding the mental health of our industry through his work with Pilot Light Campaign, Andrew has a genuine personal interest in caring for the collective mental health of hospitality professionals and believes that a healthy diet is a crucial component to a healthy mind.

Andrew: “Through these videos I hope to share my knowledge and techniques of cooking with such incredible ingredients, improve people’s confidence in the kitchen and hopefully I’ll inspire some people to make the most of the time we currently have in lockdown to try something new.

For further details on when these videos go live, keep an eye on our IGTV and YouTube channel and our events page.

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