Adam Handling to launch Ugly Butterfly

Published 1 November 2019

To combat the 1.9 million tonnes of food waste generated by the UK food industry each year, Adam Handling is launching a new sustainable casual restaurant and Champagne bar. In collaboration with Cadogan, Quintessentially Foundation and The Felix Project, Ugly Butterfly is set to open on 13 November on the the King’s Road, Chelsea.

The restaurant will offer a menu consisting of snacks and small plates, served alongside a Champagne list from the region’s top wine makers. The menu has been created by the team at Adam Handling Chelsea, featuring dishes such as reformed doughnuts made with leftover bread and overripe fruit jam and deboned crispy fried chicken feet with caviar. Dishes will be made from the parts of ingredients that are usually discarded as waste, most of which will come from Adam Handling Chelsea.

To incorporate sustainability at every level, the interiors have been created using up-cycled and re-utilised materials throughout. Additionally, the restaurant will be a hub for business and community sustainability initiatives, hosting free conversations and experiences for drop-in diners twice a week.

Commenting on the new opening, Handling stated, “This is such an exciting collaboration. Across my restaurants and bars we have a strong commitment to achieving zero waste and in setting up Ugly Butterfly, we can help to move the sustainability agenda forward even further.”

Ugly Butterfly opens on 13 November at 55 King’s Road, London, SW3 4ND For more information, click here

Image Credit: Tim Green

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