Brindisa to launch new site in Borough

Published 25 November 2019

Spanish food and hospitality business Brindisa is to open Brindisa Kitchen at The Borough Market in January.

Their newest Borough Market site will aim to take diners on a culinary journey based on the ancient Spanish pilgrimage, ‘La Ruta de la Plata’. This Roman route for goods and traders goes from Andalucía in the south to the Asturian coastline in the north.

Brindisa Kitchen will be walk-in only, seating guests around a marble-topped, horseshoe-shaped bar and will be open all-day. Founder and co-owner Monika Linton says, “Brindisa Kitchen allows us get closer to the fascinating variety of the mini lands – or ‘comarcas’ – that line La Ruta de la Plata. I’m looking forward to delving deep into the local cultures: their recipes, crops and ingredients, their one pot dishes, family dishes and seasonal food habits.” 

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