Hospitality Action launches ‘Invisible Chips’ initiative

Published 13 July 2020

Whilst restaurants, pubs, hotels and cafes show signs of returning to normality, for many workers in the industry there are still challenging times head.

As many sites across the country remain closed, or restaurants operate with a reduced workforce, the hospitality sector is expected to be one of the worst hit by unemployment. In response to this, Hospitality Action have launched Invisible Chips to raise funds for workers in a fun and engaging way, with all proceeds going directly to charity.

So how does it work? Hospitality Action are asking contributing partners to add Invisible Chips to their menu, priced the same as their edible counterpart. Diners are encouraged to add a portion or two of Invisible Chips to their order, with all proceeds going to charity.

The initiative is backed by well-known hospitality faces, including Tom Kerridge, Fred Sirieix and Heston Blumenthal. BrewDog have also become the first restaurant group to sign up, serving them for £3.95 across its 52 sites. Steak restaurants Hawksmoor and Gaucho are adding them to their menus in the coming weeks. For those who would like to donate, but are not yet comfortable with eating out, Invisible Chips can be purchased online.

“I’m incredibly excited to launch the Invisible Chips fundraising campaign and want to thank all of the chefs and restaurateurs who have helped along the way or have already agreed to add Invisible Chips to their menu” says Hospitality Action chief executive Mark Lewis. He continues “to anyone who has missed eating out these past few months, I urge you to order a portion of Invisible Chips to help those people we’ve perhaps taken for granted up until now. The hospitality industry is built on resilience and creativity and I’m confident we will recover, however the people within it need a helping hand in the interim.”

James Brown from BrewDog adds “Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our beloved hospitality industry, whether you are a small or a large business the disruption and knock on effects will be felt for years. We are delighted to support the Invisible Chips campaign by Hospitality Action and help raise funds to help an industry and community of some three million staff hardest hit by the crisis.”

For any restaurants or bars that are keen to take part, for more information, or to donate, visit the website here

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