JKS Restaurants launches Ambassador General Store

Published 12 October 2020

by Harriet Prior

A very clever and innovative idea from the team at JKS Restaurants, who today launch Ambassador General Store. The new online retail platform will sell the best meal boxes, ready-to-eat dishes and drinks from its much-loved restaurants Gymkhana, Trishna and Brigadiers.

From Michelin-starred Gymkhana you can order the full Experience, featuring tandoori masala lamb chops, wild muntjac biryani, naan breads and more. Similarly, there’s a mixed grill experience from Brigadiers on offer, alongside the Trishna Seafood experience with garlic butter pepper crab and salmon tikka.

Alongside the meal boxes, a selection of pantry items will be available, as well as beer, wine and cocktail boxes from its popular lockdown creation the Daru Shop.

“Ambassador General Store by JKS is an idea we’ve had for a while, but we’ve never had the time or bandwidth to really bring it to life until now” says the team. “We’ve launched with signature meal boxes from each restaurant and look forward to adding many more kits to the store portfolio over the coming months.”

Ambassador General Store delivers nationwide. To find out more or place an order, visit the website here

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