Little Door & Co offers £1 brunch for hospitality workers

Published 20 October 2020

by Harriet Prior

Despite going through difficult times themselves, it’s been great to see how hospitality businesses have continued to pull together to support one another in recent months. Another helpful hospitality idea is from The Little Blue Door in Fulham and The Little Orange Door in Clapham: the informal, flat-share style venues are offering brunch for just £1 to hospitality workers.

Given that ops staff are now finishing shift at 10pm, the initiative aims to bring the community together after service. Available every Saturday until the end of the year, hospitality workers can enjoy brunch dishes including pancakes with bacon and poached eggs for just £1 a dish.

“Whether you’re a barback or owner, waiter or bartender, it’s our way of helping out during this tricky period and giving people something to look forward to” the team told CODE. “Given the 10pm closing time, this might be the first time in history so many hospitality workers can come together, so early in the morning on the weekends after some sleep and toast our glorious industry.”

You just need to use your work email to prove you are eligible for the offer and book via the website (click here for Clapham) (click here for Fulham) between 10am-11:30am.

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