Monica Berg launches digital platform ‘Back of House’

Published 13 December 2019

Internationally renowned bartender Monica Berg has launched a new digital platform- Back of House. The free online resource provides a tool for employees to anonymously flag issues they face in the workplace, with the aim of preventing discrimination, harassment and other harmful situations.

Berg opened bar Tayēr + Elementary in Old Street alongside partner Alex Kratena earlier this year, and created Back of House initially to be used within her own bar. Berg and Kratena provided the team with an online resource where they could fill out a form to air their problems, stating who they would feel comfortable speaking to about the issue, as well as giving a possible resolution. Berg then wanted to share this tool with the hospitality industry to encourage happier and more inclusive working environments.

Using Back of House, companies can register and either use the template form or tailor a form to meet their own requirements. They can subsequently share the link with their team and will receive an email when an employee has filled it out.

On launching Back of House, Berg says “We work in one of the best industries in the world, but it is also one of the toughest – and, unfortunately, where inappropriate behaviour or actions can sometimes go unnoticed. It’s really upsetting to me to think that there are people out there who are afraid to go to work, have no one to turn to within their teams or who don’t know how to take that first step to speak up. That’s why I’m opening up our internal resource to the global hospitality community, providing a platform for people to use in their own businesses. I hope it will help alleviate pressures for business owners, as well as providing a safe space for employees to express their issues.”

To register, visit Back of House at https://backofhouse.info/

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