Alan Yau to launch Mozzasando

Published 16 December 2019

Veteran restaurateur and Wagamama founder Alan Yau has joined forces with the team behind mozarella bar Obicà to launch Mozzasando. The restaurant will specialise in a mozarella Milanese katsu sandwich, anchoring the menu to Obicà’s core product. Mozzasando will open on 20 January in South Kensington.

The Milanese katsu sandwich will be available both in a classic version, made with veal, as well as a modern version with chicken. They will be served alongside french fries and optional chilli fries with beef ragu and nduja sauce. The sando’s will be available for takeaway or to eat-in at an average of £7.50.

The bar and mozzeria will seat 32 people, and will be available for walk-ins only. Mozzasando will be open from morning breakfast to dinner including apertivo hours. Guests will also be able to enjoy negroni on tap and an espresso bar.

Commenting on the opening, Alan Yau says “I used to go to Frank Salvoni’s (second generation Italian) Britalian sandwich bar on Wardour street (what is now Gails – sadly, as Frank is now drinking negroni in the sunset somewhere in Mayfair) and he always joked about this: “Mate, what Pret took in the form of the Prawn Mayo is only half of our unpolished diamond. What they missed is the milanese in a baguette, foccacia, or ciabatta – that’s the f* vindaloo”. I always wondered in the soul searching moments for that golden goose whether Frank’s milanese could become the new champion for a mono product Italian fast-food concept. So this kind of makes sense on the basis of the portability of the product which suits the current generation of more street food orientated consumers. Imagine… if this can merge with the Japanese aesthetics of the katsu sando.”

Mozzasando will open on 20 January at 96 Draycott Avenue, South Kensington. For more information, visit their Instagram @mozzasando

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