Gregory Marchand launches collaboration with Sushi Shop

Published 17 December 2019

In January, Gregory Marchand will launch a collaborative menu with European sushi brand Sushi Shop. The collaboration will be available at Sushi Shop sites worldwide, including London venues in Notting Hill, South Kensington, Hampstead and Richmond.

In 2009, Marchand opened the first Frenchie restaurant in Paris, earning a Michelin star for the first time this year. The five collaborative dishes are all heavily inspired by Marchand’s own menu at Frenchie Rue du Nil and FTG. For example, flavours of FTG’s fried chicken with jalapenos and spiced honey will be reflected in the frenchie roll- an uramaki roll filled with crispy fried chicken and avocado, topped with sweet piquillo pepper and spicy mayonnaise.

The new menu aims to take diners on a culinary tour around the world, with dishes ranging from a Mediterranean bowl with grilled octopus, to satay sushi, an Indonesian-inspired take on a classic nigiri with prawn, peanut and coconut sauce. The menu will also feature a vegetarian sushi roll with roasted carrot, dates, cheese and Japanese mayonnaise and the Scandinavian roll with smoked herring and cucumber.

The collaboration is the latest in a series of guest chefs who have partnered with Sushi Shop. Anne Sophie Pic created a range of dishes in 2018, followed by Mauro Colagreco in 2019.

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