Mourad Mazouz launches Mo Diner on Heddon Street

Published 7 October 2020

by Harriet Prior

Even if you don’t recognise the name, you’ll almost certainly be familiar with the restaurants Mourad Mazouz is behind: sketch, Momo, Derrière among others. Now, the Algerian restaurateur has opened his latest venture on Heddon Street. Mo Diner aims to replicate a classic 1930s dinner, combining LA diner culture with Mediterranean food.

Having launched just before lockdown, Mo Diner is now back up and running. Michelin star meets diner in the kitchen with chef Éric Chavot – previously of Bob Bob Cité and Bob Bob Ricard – at the helm. Food will be served all day, kicking off with a classic diner breakfast (think American pancakes and potato hash),  followed by an all-day menu featuring dishes such as grilled octopus and duck confit with pomegranate. There’s also milkshakes, smoothies and hard shakes on offer – it is a diner, after all.

With interiors designed by Mazouz himself, expect it to be whacky: we’re talking acid yellow tiled flooring, sketched artwork covering the staircase and photos to cover the walls. We like the fact that the bill comes with a ‘Mo Lotto’ scratch card, where a winner gets dinner on the house. 

“Never being one for satisfaction, I have to admit that this time I like this baby, it looks, feels and tastes the way I envisioned it” says Mazouz. We’re sure we’ll like it, too.

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