Operators unite to launch Restaurant Kits platform

Published 28 July 2020

Responding to the huge rise in bricks-and-mortar restaurants entering the delivery game, a new aggregator brand is bringing them together. Restaurant Kits delivers signature food and drink kits from independent restaurants across the UK.

The platform is the idea of Scottish restaurateurs Andy Waugh and Calum Mackinnon, who have partnered with Edward Alun-Jones, who specialises in hospitality tech. The trio are dedicated to ensuring that the DIY restaurant kit benefits consumers whilst creating new opportunity for restaurants.

Delivering nationwide, the kits are designed for those looking to expand their culinary skills from their own homes. The platform prides itself in delivering three key elements of restaurant dining: ease, experience and taste. Restaurant Kits enable consumers across the UK to discover new restaurants whilst enjoying food made with high quality ingredients.

When joining the platform, restaurants are able to choose whether they require a simple listing and marketing option, or a complete end-to-end solution including inventory management and customer service.

Restaurant Kits founder partners include Kricket, Pizza Pilgrims, Flank, Corazon and Around The Cluck, among others. A selection of drinks are also available, including a whisky blending kit and the cocktail mini bar created in collaboration with Mac & Wild and Haig Club.

Commenting on the platform, co-founder of Pizza Pilgrims James Elliot says “we’re excited to come on board with Restaurant Kits to help us get more pizza out to people at home whilst we focus on feeding people who are able to get into our restaurants!”

“We see the restaurant kits solution working for restaurant and diners for the long term, not only to support our partners through a tricky time, but as the infrastructure to endure long after” adds Restuarant Kits co-founder Mackinnon. He adds “they can get back to focusing their efforts on getting things running in physical restaurants and ensuring the safety and welfare of their staff.”

Kits start from £15, with nationwide delivery between 1-3 days charged at £4.99. To find out more, visit the website here

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